Palatal Expanders

Palatal Expanders in Santa Rosa, CA

Small expansion, expansive gain


What is a palatal expander?

The palatal expander is a small appliance that is placed between the upper molars. Its job is to expand (or widen) your upper jaw by putting gentle outward pressure on your upper molars.

Who might need a palatal expander?

Children who have naturally narrow palates are candidates for Dr. Lynskey to prescribe a palate expander. Narrow palates align poorly with the lower jaw and may cause improper placement of emerging permanent teeth. These problems lead to pain, unnecessary tooth wear, and a less aesthetic look.


How does the palatal expander work?

Each time an adjustment is made, the palatal expander gets a little wider, putting gentle, outward pressure on the teeth to slowly broaden the jaw. You don’t have to come in for an appointment for every adjustment. We’ll teach you how and when to adjust your expander—you’ll master the palatal expander in no time.

When your jaw reaches the desired expansion, you keep the appliance in that position for several months to solidify the expansion and prevent regression.

Does my child need a palatal expander?

After a consultation with Dr. Victoria Lynskey, she will be able to tell you definitively if your child needs a palate expander. She is pleased to provide palatal expanders in Santa Rosa, California, to ensure optimal results for all her patients. 

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