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If you are considering orthodontic braces, or already have them, it is important to remember the braces also need to be cleaned. Your dental health care extends beyond your teeth and gums, and into the realm of everything that can come into contact with your mouth. In order to keep your dental hygiene at a premium, proper care must be used when wearing braces. Here are some successful tips for keeping braces effective:

– Continue your regularly scheduled cleanings and exams with your dentist.

– Be sure to clean your retainer once a week.

– To protect your teeth and jaw, wear a mouth guard when playing contact sports. Your orthodontist can recommend a specific mouth guard for individuals with braces.

– Continue brushing your teeth (and your retainer) twice a day, Also floss your teeth daily to prevent plaque buildup between hard to reach areas. Replace your toothbrush every three months.

– Go to your regularly scheduled appointment with your orthodontists at Victoria Lynskey DMD, MDS, Orthodontist. Missed appointments will only delay your recovery time.

– Avoid foods that can get stuck in your braces and lead to tooth decay. This includes corn on the cob, chewy foods such as taffy, hard foods such as apples, and various nuts and snacks.

If you stop caring for your braces, they will stop caring for you. If you would like to know more about what you can do to protect your braces, please make an appointment by contacting our wonderful team at Victoria Lynskey DMD, MDS, Orthodontist via phone at 707-525-1180. You can also stop by our office in Santa Rosa, California. Come embrace your smile with us!