Each of our patients’ stories is unique, and we love to hear how we’ve helped each of them improve their smiles and their lives. We invite you to take some time to read the stories of our patients and their care with our orthodontist in Santa Rosa, California. For more information about our treatment options and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Victoria Lynskey, we encourage you to contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Aaron F

Dr. Lynskey and her staff are amazing! So friendly and professional. The way they personalize the care they provide makes you feel like you’re not just another patient. I highly recommend Dr. Lynskey to anyone in need of orthodontic care.

Linda O

I agree with the comments from other patients. I have never felt so comfortable and at home as I am at Dr. Lynskey’s office. Dr. Lynskey and all of her staff are genuinely happy to see me. There is nothing disingenuous about them. They are kind souls and their gentle hearts shine through. You have to experience for yourself. I’m so happy to have started Invisalign treatments with them. They really share the joy with you as you progress! It’s awesome! 5 stars plus another 5!

Amanda S

Super excited to start my Invisalign treatment – all the ladies are sweet, informative and gentle !!! Can’t wait !!

Jerry Y

There are so many wonderful things to say! Dr. Lynsky is an awesome orthodontist! She’s smart, professional, and friendly. And her staff is fabulous! Like fabulous X 10! They’re genuinely nice and warm people who do really good work. I’m so happy my dentist referred me here for Invisalign.

Bert D

Love the work Dr. Lynskey has done to my teeth. She has an excellent team who always are professional and immensely delightful. I feel my case was a little more difficult than the usual but Dr. Lynskey always made the time to talk to me one on one and let me know what was going on and going to happen next. She made my regular dental appointments a whole lot easier to schedule since she also kept in contact with my dentist and kept her up to date with my case. Thanks a bunch Dr and team, couldn’t ask for a better orthodontist. Highly recommend this office.

Coree R

I love the service! When in doubt all my questions are answered and Dr. Lynskey is always available to explain and go over treatment plans. So happy I chose Dr. Lynskey and her team for my orthodontic needs (my braces were completed quickly and done amazingly). I highly recommend Dr. Lynskey!!:)

Lila B

Thank You for the wonderful orthodontic care for our patients! 5-star service!
And thank you for taking care of us here at Dr Templins… enjoyed the ice cream lunch!

Audrey C

I love all if the people who work here! They are all so friendly and nice 🙂 I wouldn’t want any other office to help me get stunning smile!

Kristyn C

Professional and truly interested in your kid, not just your money.

Kerry S

Hands down the nicest and most professional folks work in this office!

Heather R

Cute clean office. Thank you to Jenny for helping when office was closed and needed a wire fixed.

Kim L

Dr. Lynskey’s team is an amazing group of professionals. They are knowledgeable, friendly and kind. My daughter is always treated with respect and the focus of her as the patient is obvious.

The office has a delightful ambiance, it’s colorful, always has a family-friendly movie playing and my daughter is always excited to see what display, event or contest is happening next. These are just some of the ways that Dr. Lynskey and her team make the process of braces fun and keep patients involved and focused on the goal of a beautiful smile.

This team exudes warmth and caring and an excitement about what they will achieve with your resulting smile!

Dianna M

I absolutely love them! My son and I got our braces recently and I couldn’t be happier, the staff is friendly they make you feel welcomed. I just love it here. Dr. Lynskey is very knowledgeable. Her staff is awesome!

Ron P

As one of Dr. Lynskey’s “older” patients (just turned 68) I think I can offer a rather unique perspective from a demographic not usually associated with orthodontia. After waiting far too long to do anything about my crooked teeth and suffering the ravages of periodontal disease/surgery and tooth extractions (a total of eight in the back). I decided to take my dentist’s advice and consult with Victoria Lynskey.
She convinced me that Invisalign was a viable option for me and that a treatment plan covering 15-18 months should do the trick. Well the bad news was that the treatment plan stretched out to 23 months, but the good news (far more important here!) is that when all was said and done, the results were better than either of us expected and she did give me the option of cutting the plan short if I wanted to. But figuring I had come that far and she was not giving up on me, I decided to extend the treatment for as long as she deemed necessary (at no additional cost) and the results were well worth it. And, by the way, Invisalign really is a relatively unobtrusive, painless means of teeth straightening. In almost two years of treatment hardly any of my friends or family even knew I was undergoing treatment!
Enough has been said here about the great office staff, friendly atmosphere and accommodating business practices, so I won’t add to that. When I told Victoria on my last visit that I would be reviewing her on Yelp, her larger concern was what she could have done to improve my experience and I was honestly at a loss to suggest anything. And that’s not usually a problem for me! Kudos to Victoria Lynskey and her great staff. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!


I LOVE this office. I can honestly say that they are some of the nicest people. How many people can say that they actually looking forward to visiting their orthodontist? I can! Dr. Lynskey promised that I would only have to wear my Invisalign for 10 months and I was right on target. Everyone is so friendly and so welcoming that I might keep losing my retainer just to keep visiting

Kristyn B

When our dentist let us know that our son was ready for braces, we started the “shopping process” for a good orthodontist. Let’s face it – orthodontics are pricey so we wanted someone who was skilled at their profession, directly treated their patients (we didn’t want to be passed around to different assistants each visit) and could communicate effectively with us AND our 11-year old.

After much research and many conversations, we decided to seek treatment with Dr. Lynskey. And we have been nothing short of thrilled with that decision. She makes our son feel comfortable at each office visit, always allowing time to answer his questions and prepare him for next steps. When he knocked off a bracket during a rough basketball game, she not only made time for him immediately in her schedule, but she phoned over the weekend to check on his condition.

Dr. Lynskey has a great personal touch, works directly with each patient and family and gets results. She wasn’t the cheapest or most expensive option – she simply does her job professionally with warmth and skill. You won’t regret selecting her as your orthodontist.

Kelli L

We love Dr. Lynskey! My entire family see’s her and we couldn’t ask for a better, more caring doctor and staff. 🙂

Brenda D

I am so impressed with this office. I just started my orthodontic journey and had visited 3 other offices before deciding. i immediately liked Dr. Lynsey and her staff. After hearing Dr. Lynsey’s treatment plan, I absolutely knew she was the right orthodontist for me. I felt like she really had my best interest at heart. I actually look forward to going, and have been treated with such care. 5 star service all the way!

Brian D

Love this office! What a fantastic staff, and Dr. Lynskey is so great every time we come. This office is fun for our daughter and she finally enjoys taking care if her teeth. Thank you to everyone at Dr. Lynskey’s for making my beautiful daughter smile bigger and brighter than she ever has before.