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Taking care of your braces begins with taking care of your teeth, as they go hand in hand. As long as your teeth are safe and cared for, you can rest assured your braces can be as well. For additional treatment tips, here are a few ways to take care of your braces:

– Wearing braces should not impede you from caring for your smile, so continue to brush and floss daily.
– Various products such as fruits and nuts can easily get jammed between your teeth and braces, so try to avoid sticky and chewy substances while getting orthodontic treatments such as braces.
– Never participate in high-risk activities or sports without first making sure you are properly wearing the required amount of safety gear and equipment to keep your smile safe.
– Never forget about scheduled meetings or checkups with your orthodontist.
– Should the worst happen and you accidentally break your braces, do not try to fix them on your own.
– Don’t forget to remove your retainer as it can become contaminated with bacteria, so be sure to clean it at least once per week.

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