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If your child is getting braces, you may find that your orthodontist, Dr. Victoria Lynskey advises that he or she wears headgear for a time as well.

Headgear is the name for an external orthodontic appliance that uses additional force beyond braces to guide the bite – specifically the development of the face and jaw. It is usually only given to children and teenagers whose jawbones are still growing. For the more minor malocclusions, or misalignments of the teeth and jaw, braces, elastics and other inner mouth appliances are often enough to correct the bite. In moderate to severe cases, headgear will likely be needed.

This appliance was named “headgear” because it consists of wires that engage both inside the mouth and around the head. You, your child and others may find that this looks a little bizarre. We would like you to know that the lifetime effects are absolutely worth it. Headgear can revamp and normalize the shape of your child’s jaw and face as well as prevent serious future dental issues like TMJ disorder, bruxism and dental attrition.

Your child will want take out their headgear while they are eating, sleeping, playing sports, or when involved in any adventurous activity to avoid any possible damage. Routine visits to the dentist and proper brushing and flossing are absolutely vital.

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