Caring for Aligners

5 Essential Tips for Proper Aligner Care

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Caring for your Clear Aligners

Caring for your clear aligners is crucial to ensure their longevity and effectiveness in straightening your teeth. Neglecting proper maintenance can lead to bacterial growth and discoloration, compromising both the aesthetics and hygiene of your aligners. By consistently cleaning and storing your aligners as directed, you can achieve optimal results and maintain good oral health throughout your treatment.

Follow These Tips for Optimal Aligner Care

  1. Never eat or drink anything but water with your aligners in place
  2. If IPR (tooth contouring) is necessary to your treatment, Dr Lynskey will have fluoride varnish applied to your teeth to ensure your teeth are stronger at these areas of contouring.
  3. When eating or drinking, remove your aligners and place into the case provided for safe keeping. Do not place your aligners in your pocket or napkins as this will lead to accidental damage or discarding of the aligners.
  4. Brush the aligners with soap and COOL water carefully after every meal. Aligners should be “crystal clear” at all times. If aligners are cloudy, this is an indication of plaque accumulation, which can be extremely damaging to the teeth, leading to scarring/decalcification and cavities in your teeth.
  5. If you do not have a sulfa allergy, denture cleaner may also be used in addition to brushing the aligners to keep them extra clean. Place the aligners in cool water with a denture cleaning tablet to soak for 15 minutes. Remove the aligners when time has passed, brush and rinse out the aligners before placement back into your mouth.

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