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Braces are strong and resilient, but sometimes they can’t handle the rigors of chewing certain foods. The appliance can get damaged if you’re not careful. This is why Dr. Victoria Lynskey and our orthodontic team recommend watching your diet. That way you can remain on track toward your perfect smile. To help you, we are happy to give you some information about eating with braces.

First, we recommend that you avoid eating hard and sticky foods. The pressure on your teeth from eating hard foods can peel the brackets off your teeth. The sticky foods can add that same pressure also cling to your teeth, encouraging cavity development. The foods we recommend avoiding include pizza crust, nuts, popcorn, corn chips, ice cubes, caramel, Skittles, Starbursts, toffee, gummy bears, and other hard or sticky foods.

Second, it’s best to simplify chewing by cutting larger foods into small pieces. Then, pop them into your mouth and chew with your molars. This helps prevent issues involved with biting into hard foods. Some examples of the foods you should cut up include pizza, chicken wings, spare ribs, apples, carrots, corn on the cob, and pears.

To learn more about how to eat to keep your braces in tip-top shape, please don’t hesitate to call Victoria Lynskey DMD, MDS, Orthodontist at 707-525-1180 when you can. Our team cares about you and your smile and we want you to have the best orthodontic journey possible. We look forward to helping you with your braces in Santa Rosa, California!