Maintaining Your Smile Made Easy

October 3, 2023

As an orthodontist, not a day goes by that I don’t get asked “how long do I have to wear my retainer?” and my answer is always the same: “for as long as you want to keep your teeth straight.”  While that’s easy to say, it’s not always easy to do. With dental work or forgetfulness, we don’t always wear a retainer as advised. 

And for me personally, if I’m not wearing my retainers regularly it’s because I’ve misplaced them.  As a kid, my mom (a single mom) would lose her mind when I told her I had lost my retainers. Not only were retainers expensive, they often took weeks to come back from the lab, during which time my teeth could move. It was so stressful. In fact, I went “dumpster diving” pretty much weekly during high school, looking for my lost retainers.  Fast-forward to today, as an orthodontist myself, I see these same concerns with my patients and parents.  But there’s good news!!  We now have new technology that can affordably replace missing/lost retainers, often in less than 48 hours.  Our Retainer Protection program safeguards parents and kiddos from the dreaded stress of having (or losing) a retainer.   

The Retainer Protection Program was created to 1) reduce the stress of initial retainer loss due to loss/forgetfulness, 2) replacement of retainers after dental work.

So how does the Retainer Protection Plan work?

Our six-year Retainer Protection Program will cover the replacement of up to four Essix (Clear) retainers annually. That’s a $4,320 value!  And for kiddos finishing braces while still in their teens, many can get to adulthood without paying for expensive replacement retainers.  And for our adult patients, the replacement of just 2 retainers after dental work pays for the program.  Or how about just having an extra set for your travel bag?  Already paid for, in advance.  Such a win!

Retainers are an integral part of orthodontic treatment and play a significant role in maintaining a stunning smile. They provide stability, prevent relapse, and allow the surrounding tissues to adapt to the new tooth positions. Whether you opt for removable or fixed retainers, it's important to follow proper care and maintenance routines and wear them consistently as advised by your orthodontist. By incorporating retainers into your oral care routine, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile for years to come.

Take advantage of the benefits offered by the Retainer Protection Program by enrolling today.



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