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Did you know that chewing gum is often touted as a cavity fighter? Although that may seem counter-productive, there is some truth to the claim. However, any benefits that may be had with chewing gum are nullified by any sugars in the gum, so opt for sugarless gum whenever possible. Even if you have braces, this can help saliva reach those hard spots.

Although the belief is often thought that there are ingredients in chewing gum that can benefit your smile and prevent cavities, it is untrue. However, chewing gum can benefit your smile based on the increase in saliva production that is created. Saliva within your mouth can help wash away plaque and bacteria, as well as neutralize harmful acids that seek to damage your tooth enamel and cause cavities. Even if you have braces, this can help saliva reach those hard spots.

Studies have shown that by chewing gum for at least twenty minutes after a meal, saliva production will increase and lower your risk for cavities and dental erosion. However, by no means will chewing gum replace brushing and flossing, but is beneficial after meals when your teeth may be too sensitive for brushing to occur.

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